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Relationships are broken things:

broken gently by the found-out

little white lies

broken brutally by the

Big Red ones, too

broken by fear for, and

broken also by fear of

broken by outsiders – friends

and family – some who

meant well but just didn’t

know any better

some who meant harm and

knew damn well

broken by circumstance

by distance

by shame

by difference of faith

of opinion

of strength

and then, every day,

sometimes several times a day,

they are put back together

sometimes lovingly

sometimes fearfully

sometimes forcefully

into the broken, one-of-a-kind shape we call Us.


2 thoughts on “Untitled 1

  1. Ronald E. Shields says:

    I believe that in the end we may only really have our solitary selves, but it is the relationships, broken, mended and lost that make the whole damn farce worthwhile. a fine and thoughtful bit of writing…while you may have been away from the keyboard for awhile you have clearly been working on the stuff that makes writing so important.


    1. Ann says:

      oh, this is a bit old…wish i could say i’d written anything of consequence in the last two months, but alas it ain’t true! but thanking you just the same…poetry doesn’t flow out of me like it does from you, but every once in a while…
      thanks for reading me.

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